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Royal Jelly and Market Entry Strategy

About Royal Jelly in Japan
Report on opportunities for market entry
The Report on Opportunities for Market Entry (ROME) identifies the import opportunities for the country being researched with respect to the product line chosen above. Make a recommendation.

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In considering opportunities for market entry it would be important to evaluate the market factors, timing, regulations, and economic environment.

A company must have a planned method for delivering Royal Jelly to the target market within Japan, and distributing the product. This would include establishing and managing contacts in Japan.

Initially one would want to consider what the current market for royal jelly is in Japan. Who are the current suppliers? What are they selling the product for? Is the product imported or grown locally? Is there a big enough market to support another entrant? In addition, what measurable difference would there be in the royal jelly your company can import compared to the brands that are currently being sold?

In looking at the market it appears that Japan supplies some royal jelly domestically currently since the climate in Japan is sunny and good for bees. The Yamada Bee Farm supplies 20% of the royal jelly market in Japan ( In addition, this ...

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This detailed solution outlines the opportunities for market entry in Japan for Royal Jelly. It identifies the import opportunities and gives a recommendation. It includes examples and links.