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    A PM's Guide to Successfully Planning a Project

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    What are the activities involved as the project manager in relocating a company. (I am looking for a breakdown of the process involved.)

    Company X specialises in the installation of water quality chemical control systems. They specifically design and sell amperometric and redox chemical controllers. These controllers are considered essential items of plant in the management of United Kingdom swimming pools.

    Traditionally, they have sold their equipment to local authorities, commercial clubs, schools, and holiday parks. At present they have 1 base in the North East of England. They employ 1 Manager, 3 Assistant Managers, 2 Admin Officers, 2 Designers and 8 Sales Staff.

    They have recently acquired a new base and have built a custom design studio within this base. The base is approximately 1,500 sq metres in size. The existing staff will transfer from the old, to the new base. In addition, a new head of design will be employed to operate the new laboratory.

    As Project Manager responsible for the proposed move to the new base, you are contracted at the feasibility stage (you can assume that the project is feasible). You are required to prepare a report. From a project management perspective, outline the activities required to successfully manage this project, ensuring that it is on time, and within budget.

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    It will be best to use the project life cycle as a guide to structure the essay. For each project there are three major stages: initial, intermediate and final phases. Phases are further divided into sub phases which are linked to specific deliverables for monitoring and control; here we consider time and money (PMBOK Guide 3, p.22-23). The project is now in the initial phase. According the PMBOK Guide 3 (p. 76) there are three major documents each with specific purposes to be developed in the initial phase. For this or any project you need to consider these:

    1. Project charter- formally authorizes a ...

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    This solution is a breakdown of factors a project manager needs to consider at the initial stages of a project for comprehensive planning. It uses the PMBOK as a guide to highlight the components of the initial phase of any project and relates the roles and responsibilities of a project manager to the activities he must carry out for proper planning to take place. The easy to follow solution consists of over 400 words of text based on project management principles to guide the activities of a project manager at the planning phase of a project. This solution was in response to a project to relocate a company.