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Implementing PPM for Projects Already in Process

At any given time, most organizations have at least one project (and typically many projects) started, just finishing, or in the pipeline. When a firm decides to implement PPM into its way of managing projects, one of the first questions that comes to mind is what will happen to those projects already in progress and/or in the pipeline?

Imagine you are the one in charge of implementing the PPM for your firm, and one of the project managers comes to you and asks, "What will happen to those projects already in process and/or in the pipeline?" What research would you do in order to respond effectively? Whose advice would you seek regarding the pipeline projects? How would you evaluate them to see if they add value under your new "vision" of portfolio management?

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The most important aspect of implementing PPM is in identifying project managers who will be responsible for logistics and for answering questions like "What will happen to those projects already in process and/or in the pipeline?".

To really understand what it takes to do the job of a project manager (PM) for a PPM implementation, it's important to understand what project management is and is not.

? Project management is not an easy or necessarily solid process. Every project plan and PPM implementation will hit roadblocks. It is the PM's job to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible and that bumps in the road are worked through when they do pop up. This is where information systems managers and business ...

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