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How project management relates to other parts of business management

Lets sat that you work as a project manager for the IT department at your company, a supplier of customized management software packages for the oil industry. Your company is in the process of a big expansion, and the IT department will assume project management responsibility for supporting this growth. While your company does IT projects for its customers, the IT department focuses on your company's infrastructure.

In many of the my questions that follow, you will need to use your imagination to create company-specific technology and business detail to translate and detail the realism

Let say as your company ramps up its project management infrastructure, and you are asked to draw up a memo to upper management.

Can you Show how project management fits into the big picture in terms of the product life cycle, system life cycle, portfolio management, and program management?

Explain how projects relate to each of these organizational contexts.

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I did this in a general manner, so you may change it to fit the needs or just make the memo more general. I am unsure it needs to be specific at this point in the overall project.

Project management encompasses the work involved in creating, planning, and implementing projects for a company. It also includes the process of evaluating the project and its processes, and success. In a product life cycle, there will be different projects that occur to track, and enhance the product life cycle. For example, a product that is in the mature stages often needs some change to keep the product viable against newer competitors or to work better. A project is created to innovate or improve the product. This project can be in research and ...

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An overview of how project management relates to other parts of management and systems using specifics of the assignment and including references.