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    Deduce the structure of the compound with the 1H-NMR spectrum shown below. Its molecular formula is C9H12O. If you can't see the multiplicities; from 0 to 7 ppm you have (3H, triplet), (3H, singlet), (2H, quartet), (2H, doublet) and (2H, doublet). (6 pts)

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    Solving organic structure using proton nmr.

    The two somewhat symmetrical doublets around 7 ppm is characteristic of a ortho-substituted benzene ring. The diagnostic is the two lopsided doublets with the larger peak of each of the two parts on the inside and the shorter of the two peaks on the outside. So, it's not really two doublets at all, but really one quadruplet indicating ...

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    The expert deduces the structure of the compound with 1H-NMR spectrum