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    The Role of the Project Manager

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    What do you think is the most important role of a project manager? Do you think that role has or will change over time? Be sure to also address how a project manager selects a project in your discussion. Do not forget to back up your ideas with academic sources noted in APA format.

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    The most important role of the project manager is to do these key things:

    * Ensure that the customer is satisfied throughout the project's life cycle.

    * Make sure the quality of the work performed is excellent and meets expectations and all applicable codes.

    * Manage the entire process and ensure that the project is on or under budget.

    * And most importantly, make sure the project is ON TIME!! This is critical to a PM's success or failure as determined by the customer (Wilson, 2011).

    The PM has ...

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    The PM has the challenge of driving the project from start to finish. The PM must provide leadership and possess great planning and organizational skills to keep things in order and productive. The PM is in charge and that must be clearly communicated by the PM and understood by the employees on the project. All coordination of the work is flowed through the PM for approval. Also, the team members should be vetted by the PM to ensure a cohesive and qualified work group is on the job (Wilson, 2011).