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    Describe the Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Manager

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    Can you help me get started on a brief paper in which I need to:

    > Describe the roles and responsibilities of the project manager and the contract manager, according to Garrett, then compare and contrast them.
    > Critique the roles and responsibilities of the project manager and contract manager found in your answer to part a, by reference to the instructor's weekly lectures and your own thinking.

    Is there anything that should be added or changed? If so, what is it and why?

    If not, then explain your vision as to what features of an automated decision support tool would assist the PM and CM to carry out their responsibilities according to the description in part a (that you totally agree with).

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    Whatever is the size of the project, small, medium, or large; to manage overall deliverables of a project, project manager is required. A project manager is responsible for ensuring that the team dedicated for a project completes the project on time. Project manager is a key element in ensuring a project's success. Project manager develops the project plan with the team and manages the team's performance of project tasks. It is the responsibility of project manager to take acceptance and approval of deliverables from stakeholders involved in the project. He is also responsible for communicating to these stakeholders, the status of project from time to time. Project manager should escalate issues that cannot be resolved, and make sure that project is delivered as per schedule, and as per budget ("Roles and responsibilities,")

    Project team members, on the other hand are responsible for executing tasks as per instruction of project manager and produce quality deliverables.

    Following are the duties of the project manager in each phase of the project:
    Project Initiation
    ? Initiate project team staffing
    ? Review project charter
    ? Seek approval for funding
    ? Communicate project objectives to members
    Project planning
    ? Verify that project goals and objectives are well defined
    ? Review project plan, cost, and risk
    ? Conduct routine planning sessions
    Project execution
    ? Conduct regular reviews and provide oversight
    Project control
    ? Review project status and take corrective actions if necessary
    ? Review changes in scope, cost, and timing of project
    ? Validate project goals and objectives
    ? Verify customer ...

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