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A Discussion On Project And Contract Managers

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a. Define what the position of a project manager is and what does a project manager do.
b. Define what the position of a contract manager is and what does a contract manager do.
c. Identify a specific example that demonstrates the duties and responsibilities of each, i.e., the contract manager and the project manager.
d. Compare and contrast the roles, duties and responsibilities of the project manager and the contract manager

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A discussion on project and contract managers are determined. The expert compares and contrasts the roles, duties and responsibilities of the project managers and the contract manager is determined.

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The project manager manages the project that he/she is assigned. The project manager is held accountable for starting and finishing the project on time.

Project Manager Duties
Surprise and coordinate all of the project activities.
Ensures that the task is performed to the fullest of efficiency.
Creates an organizational structure to ensure the project runs smoothly.
Suggests new policies and modifications to create the reform of the work.
Has to develop excellent relationships with colleagues and motivate them to do an excellent job and praise their good work.
Prepare bids and ...

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