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Woody 2000 project analysis, appraisal and review

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a. What were the contracting alternatives open to Woody's? Which would have been best and what would that have involved?

b. How should the contracts(s) be organized and tendered?

c. How should they be administered ?

d. Were the original Woody 2000 project's requirements delivered?

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A. Woody's was given the option between hybrid cost plus and a cost-reimbursed contract, other alternative contract vehicles that could have been looked at include, they eventually went with the cost plus contract type. They should probably have gone with the initial cost-reimbursed contract, which would have involved EID taking on most of the contract ...

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This solution is compromised of a detailed explanation for:

1. The Woody 2000 project contracting alternatives

2. How the the Woody 2000 project contracts should be organized and tendered

3. How the Woody 2000 project contracts should be administered

4. An explanation on whether the original Woody 2000 project requirements were delivered.

5. Attachment for original Woody 2000 project case study

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