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Communication and people management

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a. Draw a project organization chart. What were the real relationships?
b. Should leaders have been left to run the project? Would training have helped?
c. How should the Woody 2000 project plan be communicated and when?
d. What communication ( coordination ) would you expect to see during execution?

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Communication and people management:

a. Draw a project organization chart. What were the real relationships?

Try and identify the core people required or considering for the completion of the overall project planned. In the case study example, the findings indicate the immediate staff designated within the organization is the main preference for specializing in the project expansion. Mainly, the observation is based on expert knowledge to the direct project needs of every department operations and external people teams that assists in the project moving forward. The case study outlined the assistance of primarily lead by Spencer Moneysworth as taking responsibility to ensure the completion of the project. Thus, the objective is to drawing a project organization with the leadership at the top related or assigned to the proposed project expansion that follows project team members. Some key elements within a project organization chart and real relationship as the following:

Project Organization Chart

Name - Relationship - Role

-Project Manager - Senior Company Representative - The responsibility for leading and directing resources ...

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The expert examines communication and people management for organization charts. The communication you would expect to see duing the execution is provided.

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