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Project Management

Econmic development

What factors are considered in the cost analysis of an economic development project in city/county government?

Business-Related Project Plan

Choose a project you all agree on. Try to choose a project that is business-related. Designate a Project Manager and describe the roles of each of the other team members. Submit a project plan with AT LEAST each of the following considerations: Needs identification Project goals and objectives Schedule and WBS Charts

Project Risk Management

Please see the attached file. PROBLEM: In the Marketing Department at LRH Financial, project managers do not have operational responsibilities. They manage multiple projects and leverage people from various teams within the marketing department. Because you will be leveraging individuals on a part-time basis from several

Project Management

Project Management: A Managerial Approach by Wiley (6th Edition) Chapter 7 Case AUTOMOTIVE BUILDERS, INC.: THE STANHOPE PROJECT QUESTIONS 1. How did ABI handle forecast risk? 2. Were ABI's Stanhope site costs in Table 2 derived by a top-down or bottom-up process? Why? 3. What are the answers to Steve White's questions?

Project Managers Role

Project managers are responsible for the overall execution and completion of projects that meet the expectations of the customer. I need help explaining how project managers would accomplish this to add to my paper to make it complete.

Project Network

Find earliest completion time, slack for activities, and critical path for the project network shown in the diagram. See attached file.

Operating budgets: production plan

I desperately need help with this problem. Can someone help me please? Borders Manufacturing is developing a sales and production plan as part of its master budgeting process. Following are the projected monthly sales, which occur uniformly during each month for the upcoming year (see attached) Production for each month eq

Company A forecasts sales for the third quarter at 10,000 units.

Company A information: Forecasted sales for 1st quarter $200,000 Forecasted sales for 2nd quarter 250,000 Cash sales = 10% of total sales Collection schedule: In quarter sold 75% In next quarter 25% ---------------------------------------------- Company A forecasts sales for the third quarter at 10,000 units. The

Enterprise Risk

I would like your opinion on this article: From an enterprise risk perspective is it acceptable to regulate weight for "health" purposes but not acceptable to regulate weight for "appearance" purposes? Weigh in with your thoughts!

Is John Jr.'s WBS projection reasonable?

Business, Management - Other Project Planning I am trying to answer a question, given the different types of project planning, but I can't seem to understand them enough to apply the concepts. I need help in answering the following question. Question: Is John Jr.'s WBS projection reasonable? What aspects of the decisio

Project Organization - Hydrobuck

I am trying to answer a question, given the different types of project organization such as pure project organization, matrix organization, and mix organization system, but I can't seem to understand them to apply the concept. I need help in answering the following question. Question: What alternative types of project organi

Discuss: Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement

Please help me so I can complete the following assignment: Select a process in your own organization (I work for a county library so I don't know what to choose, maybe training?) that needs improvement and prepare a discussion in which you address the following deliverables: 1) A description of the chosen process 2) An

Staffing plan and project

Can someone help me with these topics. I need research and example for each one. Thank you! Recommend a staffing plan in line with Riordan's business objectives and Trinidad and Tobago. Be sure to explain the different strategies for the multiple levels of staffing (leadership, management, production staff, support staf

Glass Company

I am totally lost with this problem. I have tried time and time again to solve it, only to find out its not right. If any one could help show me how to solve I would appreciate it. This is a practice problem. The necessary information is attached below.

Risk Management Plan Project Management

You are a manager at Winsome Manufacturing Company, a company that produces plastic storage containers and sells them to the home consumer through home sales events. Although this product is being targeted at the home consumer, the sales department thinks there is great potential in the commercial market, and it should be pursue

Risks on Information Technology in Businesses

Find an example of a company that took a big risk on an information technology project and succeeded. In addition, find an example of a company that took a big risk and failed. Summarize each project and situation. Did anything besides luck make a difference between success and failure.

Project Baselines, Management Behavior, and Crashing and Fnding

Describe how changes to a projects scope, schedule, and cost impact a project's baseline. In addition, identify and describe at least three change management behaviors that can be expected from a constrained project. Lastly, include at least two alternative crashing and funding methods that would reduce plausible cancellation of

The Discounted Payback Period

Yancy is considering a project which will produce cash inflows of $900 a year for 4 years. The project has a 9 percent required rate of return and an initial cost of $2,800. What is the discounted payback period?

A Project's Net Present Value Based on Require Rate of Return

A project is expected to create operating cash flows of $22,500 a year for three years. The initial cost of the fixed assets is $50,000. These assets will be worthless at the end of the project. An additional $3,000 of net working capital will be required throughout the life of the project. What is the project's net present valu

The Can-Do Co. is analyzing a proposed project.

The Can-Do Co. is analyzing a proposed project. The company expects to sell 12,000 units, give or take 4 percent. The expected variable cost per unit is $7 and the expected fixed cost is $36,000. The fixed and variable cost estimates are considered accurate within a plus or minus 6 percent range. The depreciation expense is $30,

Amount of Total Fixed Cost Based on Production Levels

At a production level of 5,600 units a project has total costs of $89,000. The variable cost per unit is $11.20. What is the amount of the total fixed costs if the production level is increased to 6,100 units without increasing the total fixed assets?

Project Charter and Project Scope Satement

Need to understand the best way to create a project charter and a project scope statement based on the information below (taken from the Project Management text by Gray and Larson, 4th edition. It is based on the Conveyor Belt Project case study. Project Description: New computer-controlled Conveyor Belt Project The Con