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    Institutional theories: functional, product, matrix

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    Summarize the theorists' arguments concerning the practical institutional theories of

    (1) functional,
    (2) product, and
    (3) matrix forms of organization.

    Produce a graph of each of these forms of organization.

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    //The organizational structure is a framework used for designing, dividing and maintaining the activities of the company. So, in the later part of the paper, the discussion will be based on various forms of organizations according to theorists, which will provide detailed information with the help of graph of each forms//

    Functional form of organization:

    The simplest and wide functionary design adopted by organization is known as Functional form of organization. In this form of organization, all the managers of the functional department like production manager and marketing manager contact the general manager. In the department of marketing, managers related to specific area such as sales, advertising and research report to the vice president of marketing or director of organization. The top level manager of the company coordinates all the activities related to the functional areas with trust and rules for operating the function (Bess, Dee & Johnstone, ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 636 words with references.