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Project Management

KNU Manufacturing Company Payroll System Development Project

Access Project (attached) To: Analytics Consulting From: KNU Manufacturing Company Date: 9/6/2011 Re: Payroll System Development Project Comments: We appreciate your assistance in helping us to start creating a payroll system along with the appropriate queries, forms and reports that will meet our company's nee

A software project requires a complex set of actions and people interactions

A software project requires a complex set of actions and people interactions with diverse skills and knowledge. As also described by other posts, we often get this wrong from the very beginning i.e. the requirements phase and continue through a comedy of errors until the final disaster. Itââ?¬â?¢s quite disheartening real

Project Proposal Outline and Summary

Please provide assistance/guidance for an outline/short summary project proposal for a two week graduation college trip flying to Germany arriving September 22, 2012, then by train to France by September 26, 2012, followed by train to Italy on October 2, 2012. Trying to see the major sights in each of the countries, i.e., tour o

Advantages and disadvantages of project management software

What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of using project management software such as MS Project to organize a project, specifically looking at the project scope checklist below. Project scope checklist 1. Project Objective 2. Deliverables 3. Milestones 4..Technical requirements 5. Limits and exclusions 6.

Projects: Basic Phases, Stakeholders, Selection Criteria

I need some guidance and pointers to get going please: What is a project? What are the basic phases of the project lifecycle and their purposes? What is a project stakeholder? What are some examples of project stakeholders? How are projects affected when stakeholders are not identified and addressed early

Prepare a 2012 production budget for K's Toys car production

Prepare a 2012 production budget that meets the sales expectations. K's will begin January with no inventory for any product. It needs to be broken down by machine so that Stan and Kyle know what each of them needs to make on their machines. K's prefers to have all of the production completed the month before the products are to

Adding a New Product Line: Defining the Project

The management situation: adding a new product line. SECTION ONE- Defining the Project: 1. What are the goal/objectives that you want to accomplish? 2. What tasks are needed? 3. Who will be responsible for major parts of the project? 4. What are the milestones of the project?

AOA network diagram and MS project

Week 5 - Individual Assignment Consider the table below, Network Diagram Data for a Small Project. All duration estimates or estimated times are in days; and the network proceeds from Node 1 to Node 9. 1. Draw an AOA network diagram representing the project. Put the node numbers in circles and draw arrows from node to node

Project Management Skill: Ethical Implications

The ability to read people and adapt your behavior to fit what will work most effectively with them is a good skill or talent for a leader to have. Why is this, especially for a project manager? Discuss the ethical implications of making people accountable for tasks over which you give them no authority.

Six levels of quality: Which is the most important?

Module 3 lists six levels of quality: 1. Specifications, 2. Design, 3. Production, 4. Final inspection and testing, 5. Performance in the field, and 6. Analysis of performance problems. Of these six, which do you consider to be the most important level of quality and why?

Project discussions and Request for Proposals (RFP)

What is an RFP, and how do analysts use one to gather information about hardware and system software? Discuss the reasons why organizations undertake information system projects. Do you have any experience as a team member in making "go/no go" type of project decisions? If so, why? If not, why not? How would you justify your

Project Management: Southwest Airlines Organizational Culture

The organizational culture of a firm may present a strategic opportunity for the firm. The organizational culture includes the shared values about what is important and how things are done in the firm. It is the basic way that a firm interacts with its operating environment. The cost accountant and cost accounting may have a sig

Return on investment in $100,000 sunroom addition to house

See attached file. Jack and Diane have different ideas about investing in their house. Diane wants to build a sunroom addition, but Jack is frugal and wants to switch to an accelerated mortgage payment to save on interest. They call Paulson & Sons, a contracting firm, specializing in home renovations and additions, for a cons

Project Management for ACME Development Corporation

ACME Development Corporation (ADC), a developer of custom homes and apartment complexes, has decided to standardize its project management practices and processes across the national organization. The goal is standardize on one single software project scheduling and to have this tool up and running within 90 days. To this en

Project Management: Quantitative Methodology

See the attachment. Please include a brief description explaining the quantitative methodology used (1 or 2 sentences), as well as, how this model helps solve a professional or personal problem (1 or 2 sentences) Jack and Diane have different ideas about investing in their house. Diane wants to build a sunroom addition, bu

Management case studies

I need help with quite a few questions and have scanned in the problems from my book. Thanks!!

Project Management

A project has the following activities, precedence relationships, and time estimates in days: Activity Predecessor Optimistic Most likely Pessimistic Activities Time Time Time A -- 6 7 8 B

Project Risk

Risk is often described as the event that "might" happen during the course of a project. Explain how risk has impacted a project that you have been associated with as a team member or project leader. Provide at least two examples where surprise events impacted the project, and how the issue was resolved. Comment on the importanc

Project Management: Contracting and Procurement

What kind of contract will you pursue for each of the following purchases related to this project? - Hiring technicians to install and configure the software for your environment - Hiring a training entity to teach the student PMs the mechanics of using the new tool - Buying a new server and software to run the tool and ho

XYZ Industries Capital project: Should the new plant be built?

XYZ Industries is considering investing in a new manufacturing plant. The plant requires an item of equipment that costs $200,000. In addition, XYZ will spend $10,000 on shipping costs and $30,000 on installation charges. The equipment will be housed in a building currently owned by the company. The building was bought at a cost

Calculating optimal production batch size

1. Jim's Knives manufactures knives for a certain retail store. His skilled workers can produce 10 knives a day of their best-selling knife (known as Bowie knife). Their retail store sells an average of 5 knives per day. Jim's workers prefer to work on only one type of knife at any given time for efficiency reasons. They hav

Salvage Value of a Project

Grant Publishing just undertook a project that required a $340,000 investment in NOWC, which will be recovered fully at the end of the project's life in five years. At that time, the required equipment will not be depreciated fully and still will have a book value of $100,000. The firm's tax rate is 40%. If the salvage value at