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Project Management

How do you evaluate project complexity? A study of a packing material firm

For an organization that makes packing materials, answer the following questions. How and why does that organization evaluate project complexity? What factors are typically considered? In case your organization does not evaluate project complexity, or you do not know, then assume that you are responsible for such evaluation

Elements and their benefits in developing a comprehensive project scope analysis

Develop a comprehensive project scope analysis. I understand this as the conceptual development process, scope statement and statement of work that will clearly detail the projects expectation , problems , goals, objective, and aids in the projects communications with stake holders The response addresses the queries poste

Construction Project Management: Project Timelines, Critical Path, and PERT

You are the general manager of a large construction project. The contract has both financial incentives for finishing on time or early as well as large penalties if the project is completed late. To get the project done on time or early that project planning using a formal timeline is essential. You ask the project manager to ad

Project Analysis and Evaluation

The ProBuilder Company is considering the introduction of a new product line which will require the construction of a new plant and equipment, estimated to cost $8,000,000 plus $600,000 for shipping and installation. Depreciation will be the straight line method to zero over 10 years. ProBuilder acquired the land on which the p

Progress Reports important in Project Management

1. Why are progress reports an integral part of project communications? What should they include? How are they different from a final report? How and why do they improve a project? 2. Provide your thoughts on what the purpose of a problem solving meeting is and how would one be conducted?

System Design Issues: Example of project, system or product that overcame issues

If a project is poorly designed and constructed, will a well-planned and well-executed implementation effort help the project to succeed? Will a well-designed and well-constructed system overcome a poor implementation effort? Can you give an example of a project, system, or product that has overcome design or implementation prob

Analyze an IT work-related project to evaluate success or failure.

Prepare a paper that analyzes an IT work-related project or fictitious project using systems analysis for a selected business system at the department or division level. Include information-gathering techniques and design methods used in the project. Analyze and evaluate what made the project a success or a failure. Must be AP

Project Outline: Cross Cultural Management

Project Outline: Title - Cross Cultural Management Description of the project Specific topics for research, in bullet form Possible sources Your reasons for undertaking this project

Describe role of project leader in creating a WBS

Use the following project scope statement: Riordan Manufacturing is a plastics injection molding manufacturer pursuing a Go Green project with the intent of achieving International Organization for Standardizations 14001 certification. Riordan's main objective is to improve the sustainability of its products and processes. A

Scheduling and Project Management (Operations Management)

How would you crash a project (which activities would you crash) to keep the project on schedule and achieve the original duration, if Activity B actually takes 5 weeks instead of the planned 3 weeks? (Explain your logic)? Activity Description Predecessor Normal Time (weeks) Normal Cost Crash Time (weeks) Crash Cost A Fina

Project Manager Executing, Controlling, and Closing Projects: Micro-management

What are the advantages and disadvantages of micromanagement? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a emphasizing relationships over accomplishment of specific project goals? What middle course should a project manager steer in managing his project team? When should a project manager step in and when should a project mana

Interviewing a Manager and report the responses to questions given

Interview a manager in an organization. Write a report which outlines the answers your manager provided to the questions listed below. Include a summary paragraph providing an analysis of your interview experience and how the answers related to your learning objectives for this week. In your opinion, what are the most im

Cost Association with Starting Company pricing Models

In a 1 to 2 page paper and accompanying Excel Spreadsheet, address the following areas: • Discuss and show the cost associated with starting your company and show a pricing model for your product or service. • Include a balance sheet for three years show funding resources, and then describe how you pla

Formation and Operation of partnership of doctors

Following is a current balance sheet for a local partnership of doctors: Cash and current assets $30,000 Land...............................................................180,000 Building and Equipment (net).................100,000 Totals..........................................................

Describing Risks of Small Firms

Please help with the following problem in at least 300 words. The smaller the company, smaller the financial risk in globalization. How about other risks like competition, regulatory forces, cost per sale, etc? How can one explain that some of the most successful global brands belong to mega-corporations such as GE, Coca-Col

Critical path

For each of the attached network diagrams, determine both the critical path and the expected project duration. The number on the arrows represent expected activity times.