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'Obama administration criticizes JPMorgan over mortgages'

The article I chose this week "Obama administration criticizes JPMorgan over mortgages". The article talked about how companies such as JPMorgan, Chase and Bank of America has failed people that have been trying to save their home. According to the Treasury Departments "housing scorecard", it revealed that these banks mortgage services "needed substantial improvement and lack progress in implementing previously identified improvements".

Due to these issues the Treasury Department are not paying incentive payments to these banks. Reading this article it really makes me wonder if those who ha e lost their homes, could've had saved them if those that were assigned to their case were more committed and offered assistance in those programs that were being offered for those who were having trouble.

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I can't help but completly agree with you. I believe these mortgage companies should take note by others who have been trying to help homeowners. If only ...

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Obama administration criticizes JP Morgan over mortgages are examined.