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Handling of a crisis by the Obama administration

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During a recent visit to Colombia, several members of the Secret Service apparently engaged in various forms of misconduct. What is your assessment of the Obama administration's handling of the crisis?

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This solution assesses the handling by Obama's administration of an incident of misbehavior by Secret Service agents. It includes APA formatted references.

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During a visit to Colombia in 2012, eleven Secret Service agents were involved in misconduct. This allegedly included drinking and visiting prostitutes while planning for President Obama's upcoming trip. The eleven agents were relieved of their assignment and replaced with additional Secret Service personnel, 'due to the nature of the allegations, coupled with a zero tolerance policy on personal misconduct' (RT, 2012) once the issue was brought to light. Within a week, three of the agents had left their positions, either resigning or being fired, with three more resigning ...

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