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stabilizing the Macroeconomy

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What has the Obama administration done in terms of stabilizing the Macroeconomy?

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1. What has the Obama administration done in terms of stabilizing the Macroeconomy?

Macroeconomists use and study aggregated economic indicators, including the GDP, unemployment rates, and price indices in an effort to understand the economy and how it functions as whole. In other words, these are indicators that would tell us if Obama's plans are working to stabilize the macroeconomy. However, many economists think it is too soon to consider the stabilizing to the macroeconomy. However, some things have been put in place by Obama's team to begin the process of stabilizing the macroeconomy, but it is long term project.

Larry Summers is serving as the principal economic advisor to President Barack Obama, who was one of the principal creators of the Obama administration's Economic Recovery Act on February 17, 2009. This $787 billion deficit-driven stimulus package that aimed at stopping the free fall in employment numbers in the United States. However, this has come into questions by many critics, not all of them Republican. There are serious doubts about the efficacy of the Obama stimulus plan. However, the Obama team fought back, and appearing before the Peterson ...

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Explores what the Obama administration has done in terms of stabilizing the Macroeconomy. References provided.

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