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    Performance Dashboards

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    The first step is an outline for the project

    1st assignment---------Review the information on the following website: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/. Following these guidelines, and create a cover page, an effective outline, and the references page (containing at least three resources) for your final project - all in APA format.

    For your final project, you will develop a proposal for a hypothetical performance dashboard project at your place of work or another organization of your choosing. The proposal will include but not be limited to:

    The benefits of developing and using the dashboard in your organization,

    The areas of interest you will display on your dashboard and why these areas you selected are critical to organizational success,

    How the dashboard will be used in managing performance at the organizational level,

    Who will have access to the dashboard and why,

    What training will be required if any, and

    What IT support will be necessary to maintain and sustain the dashboard

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    1. Benefits of developing and using the performance dashboard for Food Giant:
    â?¢ Monitor and analyze sales activities at the store level
    â?¢ Monitor and analyze product turns at the store and warehouse level
    â?¢ Ability to increase focus on core behaviors that affect overall company success

    2. Areas of interest to display on dashboard:
    â?¢ Sales activity by associate, by store, including unit sales, dollar sales, and time to process
    â?¢ Inventory turns by product, brand, and category
    â?¢ Financial investment

    3. Sales and inventory are critical to organizational success. Proper management ...

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    This is an outline for improving productivity through performance dashboards targeted for a food company. It includeds APA references.