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    Types of Performance Dashboards: Differences

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    Briefly explain the differences among the different types of performance dashboards.

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    Although performance dashboards "monitor critical business processes and activities using metrics of business performance"(Eckerson, 2011) to alert management when a problem arises, analyze the root cause of problems by exploring timely data from different perspectives, and help to manage people and processes in order to improve performance and systems, the different types of dashboards offer different benefits to users. Furthermore, the different types of performance dashboards are more appropriate for different users, and dependent on the need of the organization and department.

    Performance issues can be identified with all three types of performance dashboards.
    Operational dashboards tend to operate in real time data, and supply time sensitive information. Tactical and strategic dashboards rely more on past latent data to show comparisons against history. Operational dashboards address key performance or time sensitive issues. Tactical performance dashboards look at ...

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    This solution discusses the differences among different types of performance dashboards. It gives examples and includes APA references.