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    Effective Performance Dashboard

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    What types of dashboards would be most effective in your organization? If you don't know or are unemployed, conduct some independent research regarding this topic for an organization of your choice. Why? Make sure to justify your answer to this question based on your research.

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    An operational dashboard would be the most effective in my organization at my level. This is because there is a need to "monitor and analyze (the) company's activities" (BI Dashboards, 2012) in sales and inventory. This is a useful type of dashboard for my company because very few of us have time for analyzing data, yet the operational dashboard would give each of the salespeople instant information as to what is selling and how each of us are performing. Our mid-level managers have more time to analyze data, so they will probably use tactical dashboards, to measure the progression of our sales projects. Our company executives would concentrate on a strategic dashboard which determines if the company's ...

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    This solution describes the most effective type of performance dashboard for a particular organization. It includes examples and APA references.