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    Performance Dashboards: Three Types of Applications

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    1. What do performance dashboards do?
    2. Briefly describe the three types of applications that make up a performance management system.
    3. What does it mean that a user can "drill down" when using a performance dashboard?

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    A performance dashboard serves as an "organizational magnifying glass" (Eckerson, 2011) to focus on the behaviors which the company has decided are most important. It is used to manage the key activities of the business by measuring and monitoring tasks and metrics that will enable a company to reach their strategic goals. A performance dashboard helps to focus the entire company on tracking and focusing on the same behaviors. This is done by having management decide on the most important behaviors to track in the organization. It helps management to wade through the onslaught of data and gather information on the items that truly help the company move in the strategic direction they have chosen. In addition, a well-crafted performance dashboard can communicate and refine the company's strategy to employees, simply and clearly, much like the dashboard information on a car.

    The three types of applications that make up a performance management system are strategizing, planning, and monitoring performance. One must know the mission and objective of the organization in order to determine the metrics to track. Budgets, ...

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    This solution discusses what performance dashboards do, the three types of applications, and what "drill down" means in using a performance dashboard. Examples and APA references are given.