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    Performance Management Dashboard: Keep It Simple, Stupid

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    Answer the following questions:

    1. Why is the "Keep It Simple, Stupid" philosophy so important when designing a dashboard?
    2. Describe the different approaches to integrating performance dashboards.

    Write a paper using APA format for references.

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    The "Keep It Simple, Stupid" philosophy is important when designing a dashboard because, as David Paradi stated at the PowerPoint Live Conference, a performance dashboard is all about "using GAR (Glance, Absorb, and Return) principle" (Shaw, n.d.). The performance dashboard must be designed in a manner in which a single glance enables the user to absorb the information and return the desired behavior. A business performance dashboard has been equated to the dashboard of a car or jet: when traveling quickly a single glance should give you enough feedback to adjust behavior.

    The data needs to be the star on the dashboard, without competing visuals getting in the way. This is why the Keep It Simple, Stupid approach is important. Certainly the dashboard needs to be attractive, but not at the cost of functionality. Performance dashboards are ...

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    This solution discusses why it is importaant to implement the "Keep It Simple, Stupid" philosophy when implementing a performance dashboard. It includes examples and APA references.