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    Performance Dashboards: Which is Best One?

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    Now that you know a bit more about all three types of dashboards, what type of dashboard do you feel is the best? Why? Make sure to justify your answer to this question based on your research.

    Support your opinion by referencing sources such as the textbook or other internet research.

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    I think operational dashboards are the best because they communicate the items that have been designated important to track to the person ultimately affected in a simple manner. For instance, the salesperson or machinist can identify how they are performing based upon the metrics and goals that have been determined important by management. Management can define metrics and set goals. Together, both can work on meeting and exceeding performance expectations and identify issues proactively. Once a salesperson realizes what is important to a company, he or she can shape his or her behavior accordingly. Once companies gain regular insight into the ...

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    This solution outlines the different types of performance dashboards and discusses which is best. It gives reasons and examples to support the solution. APA references are included.