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Performance Dashboard & Key Performance Indicators

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Answer the following questions:

â?¢What is involved in preparing a business case for a project?
â?¢Where is the best place to start when implementing a dashboard?
â?¢Why are Key Performance Indicators so important?

Write a paper using APA format for references.

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A business case is used to persuade stakeholders in a project. In order to get buy-in, a document must be prepared outlining the important elements of the project in a clear, concise manner. A knowledgeable team must develop the business case, in order to provide the required information. The team must be comprised of people who understand the costs and benefits of the proposed project. Although only one or two people may be writing the actual business case, a team is important to generate ideas and develop support. IT must be consulted to determine the cost and value of the impact on the IT department, Human Resources can identify personnel costs, executives can help prioritize and assign value to the project as well as give input of the company's overall strategy. And financial experts must be available to determine recourse allocation and project benefits.

Once the ideas and suggestions are assembled, the writers take over and refine the ...

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This solution addresses what is involved in preparing a business case for a project, the best place to start when implementing a performance dashboard, and the importance of key performance indicators. It includes APA references.