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RFP for a real-world project that you have participated in

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Develop a RFP for a real-world project that you have participated in. Optimally, this would be an actual business or government project. But if your experience is limited, you may develop the RFP for a relatively complex personal project that would involve interaction with at least one contractor.

Consult the relevant sections of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 in the Gido and Clements textbook for information about preparing a RFP.

My book for this class is Successful Project Management 5th Editon by Gido & Clements

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An RFP or Request For Proposal is a document used by organizations to illicit a proposal from vendors to supply a service or participate in a project. It is used early in the procurement process. The purpose of the RFP is to:

1) Inform vendors that the organization intends to embark upon some project and is seeking assistance.

2) Lays out the requirements of the project and other details such as:
a. Budget
b. Timeline
c. Requirements that the vendor needs to meet in order to submit a proposal.
d. Necessary details about the company requesting the proposal (size of the company, why they are seeking to complete the project etc.)

3) The purpose of the RFP is also to make the bidding process impartial by giving all vendors the same information.
Prior to creating the RFP, the organization should already have prepared their requirements and incorporated into the RFP. Once the vendors have replied to the RFP with their proposals, the organization will proceed through a selection process, select a final vendor and then presumably sign a contract leading to the successful completion of the project.

The RFP should ...

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The RFP for a real-world project that you have participated in is developed.