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    Request for Proposal (RFP) for catalog seed company

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    I sell seeds from a catalog, and business is good. However, my inventory tracking system is not adequate. When busy we have seen supply outages and customers complain about delays. I worry about the business folding unless something is done and soon. I want to hire a management consultant to design a new inventory tracking system. This would normally take six months, It is now May and I need to issue this RFP. The procurement will be for design stage only.

    Prepare and RFP using the following instructions.


    The Instructions to Bidders section contains the information that a bidder requires to prepare a bid proposal that is responsive to each of the requirements that are included in other sections of the RFP. Certain RFP's provide this information in an "Invitation to Bid" letter as well as in the "Instructions to Bidders." The following sections discuss common items that are included, in "Instructions to Bidders" (referred to as Instructions).

    1.1. General Description of Work
    The Instructions provide a general description of the work covered by the contract. If there are detailed Description of Work
    and Specifications and Drawings sections included in the RFP, these sections are referenced in the general description of the work.

    1.2. What Must Be Included with Bid
    To properly evaluate the bid proposals when they are received, all of the information requested in the RFP must be provided by the bidders. Since several sections of the RFP may require that bidders submit specific information, the instructions summarize the specific information that must be submitted with the bids. Much of the specific information that is required from bidders is addressed in the Proposal section. The technical specifications in the RFP may require that bidders submit certain technical data and procedures with their bid proposals. The management requirements in the Special Conditions may specify that bidders submit information such as quality, safety, environmental, and schedule program descriptions. The commercial requirements can define financial or insurance documents that must be submitted by the bidders.

    1.3. Schedule of Bid Period Activities
    The Instructions define the date when bids are due. Many RFP's provide the specific time of day that bids must be received. Most companies will not accept bids after the due date. If a bidder notifies an owner in advance that it cannot meet the specified bid submittal date, an owner may extend the deadline for all bidders. Continued extensions of the due dates for bid proposals cause confusion among the bidders and hard feelings on the part of the bidders that complete their proposals on time. The Instructions should clearly define the owner's position on receiving bids after the due date in the RFP. The Instructions specify the location where bid proposals will be received by an owner as well as the due date.

    It is helpful to provide the bidders with an estimate of the date when the contract will be awarded. This date is consistent with project schedule requirements. Providing this date in the Instructions gives the bidders an indication of when contract work will begin and establishes the completion date for the project groups responsible for evaluating the bids for the contract.

    If there are specific meetings scheduled during the bid preparation period, the dates for these meetings are defined in the Instructions. For example, there may be a pre-bid meeting to explain the RFP and answer bidder questions. The owner may also want to schedule project site visits and meetings with specific bidders to review their technical and management capabilities.

    1.4. Location of Work
    The Instructions give the location of the project site. Material and equipment contract bidders need this information to determine shipping costs. If shipments must be made to a storage facility not at the project site, the Instructions provide the location of the storage facility. Service contract bidders may need to visit the site to obtain information necessary to complete their bid proposals. The Instructions provide information on how site visits are arranged with an owner. If the project site is in a remote location, the Instructions provide directions on how to get to the site.

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    SeedsPro Company is seeking proposals from specialists in the inventory tracking solutions to design a new inventory tracking system including software and hardware infrastructure. Our goal is to avoid supply outages and customer complaints about delays and keep our employees fully informed about inventory levels using barcode and scanning technology with a 24/7 real-time inventory tracking system. To meet this goal SeedsPro plans to hire 6 temporary consultants and buy infrastructure requirements.

    1.1. General Description of Work

    SeedsPro Company knows not only the seed and agriculture marketplace but also today's grower better than anyone else in the business. Nearly 100% of our company's time is spent helping agricultural ...

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