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Organizational Development Project

Assume your hypothetical organization is facing dramatic challenges for which top management is asking for your expertise.
As an Organizational Development professional, you are required to make an intervention that will help the company return to profitability, increase its market share, and enhance employee morale.

The duration of the project is six weeks. However, at this time we will ONLY focus on Week One.

Week One:

Select an organization. The organization can be hypothetical or your current organization or any organization you are familiar with. Write a three-page report thoroughly including the following:

A. Name of your selected organization. (Note: You can provide a disguised name of the selected organization.)

B. Provide background information on the organization.
1. How many people does it employ?
2. In which industry does it operate?
3. Is it a market leader? What makes it a market leader?
4. What types of products or services does it sell? Describe products/services.

C. Identify the Organizational Development (OD) problem(s) the selected organization faces.
1. What is the nature of the problems the organization faces?
2. How severe are these problems?
3. Are these problems specific to the organization or common to most organizations in the industry?
4. What do you think are the root causes of these problems?

Include References used in APA format.

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//Mc Mickey Mouse Zone is the organization that has been selected for the report which is a fictitious organization. While writing this paper, we will focus on the organizational development process providing the background information of the company followed by the various organizational development problems that are being faced by the firm.//


The organization that is selected to conduct the report is MC Mickey Mouse Zone. The corporation is the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants operating its own restaurants and franchisee. The company is global food supplier with more than 29,000 restaurants all over. The restaurant is operated by both men and women, which illustrates that there is no discrimination among both the classes (Stories, 2009). The company operates world wide and has received excellent response from its customers in terms of the food that it supplies, which is reasonably priced and affordable by every class of clientele. It was established in the year 1975 with a restaurant started by three bothers Rack, Jack and Dick, headquartered in Canada.

The vision statement Mc Mickey Mouse Zone is to provide world's quickest service to its customers by providing them with hygienic services, quality food and values, so that the clients revisit the place and are contended. The mission statement of the company is that it aims to achieve maximum profitability in whichever region they expand, by using innovative and latest technology, which will attract more consumers towards it as compared to its competitors. From 1975 till date, the company is growing immensely and earning good amount of profits. ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1117 words with references.