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    Corning's Five-Stage Stage-Gate Process

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    Corning's Five-Stage Stage-Gate process is a process that checks the quality of innovation in an organization. It is used for a single-product single-market scenario.
    On Corning's Five-Stage Stage-Gate process, I need a breakdown of the process and effects of leadership, individuals, inter-organizational network, and organizational learning processes.
    It seems that this process may also be comparable to TQM as well.
    What is the effect of Corning's Five-Stage Stage-Gate process on leadership?
    What is the effect of Corning's Five-Stage Stage-Gate process on individuals?
    What is the effect of Corning's Five-Stage Stage-Gate process on inter-organizational networks?
    What is the effect of Corning's Five-Stage Stage-Gate process on the organizational learning process?

    I need this inforamtion summed up in 2 1/2 pages with 3 or more references in APA.

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    Step 1:
    The breakdown of Corning's Five-Stage Stage-Gate process is Scoping (stage 1). In this stage the technical strong points of the project and the likely market demand is assessed. In the second stage, which is "Build Business Case," technical, marketing and business feasibility are assessed resulting in a business case that has product and project definition, project justification, and project plan. The third stage is the development stage in which plans are translated into firm deliverables. During this stage the product design and development is carried out. The operations plan is developed, the product launch in the market is planned, production plan is developed, and plans for further testing are defined. In the fourth stage project validation is carried out. During this stage the validation of the product itself, the manufacturing process, and economics of the project is developed. Customer acceptance is evaluated. During the next stage that is the Stage 5 of the launch there is full commercialization of the product, full production and commercial launch is carried out (Stage-Gate - Your Roadmap for New Product Development, 2000-2012). This process is to an extent comparable to TQM. In TQM there are several practices ...

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