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    Stage-Gate Model Paper

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    Below is a question I have come up with regarding product development and the stage-gate model that I feel will significantly improve my understanding of product development. Your expert assistance is very much appreciated.

    Use the conceptual framework of Stage 1 and Gate 1 to generate and evaluate three or four new product development ideas. This process should filter out all but one idea. Once you have completed this process:

    1. Describe the first stage and first gate of the process, explicitly linking the concepts of the Stage-Gate model to practice.
    2. Explain the inspiration behind each idea, and describe the process/source used to generate each concept.
    3. Summarize the business case for the selected idea, providing the rationale behind its selection.
    4. Evaluate how the product development process differs for new and existing products, and relate these differences to your selected idea.
    5. Assess the selected idea's probabilities for success.

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    The common purpose of the Stage-Gate® model is to provide a framework for better management of projects and to ensure that the important success factors of the project are dealt with. Stages are periods of activity within a project and involve many different project team members. In order to proceed from one stage to the next, a gate has to be passed.
    Gates are passed during gate review meetings, which is when the project team decides whether the predefined Gate criteria have been met based on key decision points with well defined "Go/Kill" criteria. The criteria for all of the Gates during the project are selected at the start of the project and they should cover important aspects such as market and financial attractiveness, technical feasibility, supply options, health, safety and environmental (HSE) as well as regulatory aspects. If the Gate criteria at some point are hard to meet, the Gate keeper or Gate review meeting can revise the scope and planning of the project or stop it all together.

    source: http://www.dantes.info/Tools&Methods/Managementtools/Management_gate_more.html

    1. Describe the first stage and first gate of the process, explicitly linking the concepts of the Stage-Gate model to practice.

    The first stage is the scoping part or the idea stage in which a quick and preliminary investigation of each alternative/idea/project is done. In this stage, the idea is developed, its relative merits/ demerits is assessed and a preliminary proposal is generated. The purpose of Gate1 or Gate review is to to find an agreement between the project leader and the gatekeepers on the deliverables and also to make a review of the gate criteria. The criteria used in the gate review involve ...

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    Stage-Gate Model Paper