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    JFET Analysis

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    FIGURE 1 shows a single-stage JFET amplifier circuit. The n-channel JFET has the ratings and characteristics given in the table below.

    Show that the quiescent gate-to-source voltage is given by:
    V_GSQ = 2.57 - I_DQR_S

    Determine the maximum quiescent drain current and drain-to-source voltage of the JFET, using the 'square law' model of the device.

    An LED works most consistently (giving a steady light output) if the current passing through it can be maintained constantm, even if the supply voltage changes, for example, as the batter discharges over time. The circuit of FIGURE 2 shows a JFET being used as a constant source to drive an LED.

    Determine a suitable value for R_s if the LED requires a constant current of 5 mA and the JEFT has an I_DSS value of 10 mA and a pinch of voltage of -3 V.

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