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Nine traits and skills for a project manager, least important skill

Review the nine traits/skills associated with being an effective project manager. Discuss in your opinion which one is the least important.

Nine traits are noted below.
1. Systems thinker.
2. Personal integrity.
3. Proactive.
4. High tolerance of stress.
5. General business perspective.
6. Good communicator.
7. Effective time management.
8. Skillful politician.
9. Optimist.

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1. Systems thinker: An effective systems thinker project manager uses PMBOK tools and techniques to plan, monitor and control the project processes while a non systems thinker project manager the PMBOK tools and techniques.

2. Personal integrity: An effective project manager should have trait of being honest with other project team members about his expectations, intentions and opinions of the work they perform.

3. Proactive is the ability to handle and meet the expectations of others. In order for the effective project manager' to handle the expectations of others, he should be proactive rather than waiting for an escalated complaint, or an angry email.

4. High tolerance of stress: A project manager with high in Stress ...

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Nine traits and skills for a project manager are examined. Which trait is the least important is determined.