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A Project Manager's Duties

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Project Management is an extremely large undertaking for the person that takes it on. There are so many factors involved that may not even seem relevant at the formation of the project. Let's assume that a project begins with four people, and one of them chooses to be the project manager. First of all, they need to make sure that everyone in the project is aware and willing to do the job that they are being assigned. In a smaller group of people, one person's irritation or negativity towards the project will spread. That brings us to the next skill required, optimism.

The project manager needs optimism. If the person leading the pack doesn't seem like the pack is going anywhere, then everyone will begin to doubt and question whether it's going anywhere. I worked as the co-project manager for a video game with eight people working on it, and the ability to monitor all these people is very difficult. When we went for long spans of time without meetings, nothing would get done because no one kept it on the forefront of their minds. That is the sole purpose of the next skill being encouragement. Employees are much more likely to work on your project if they feel like they're work is being noticed and appreciated. This is something that can also be easily overdone, if nothing is ever said critically, then they could become too comfortable with their abilities and begin to turn in sub-par work.

One of our artists did extremely lavish paintings in Photoshop that would have to be crunched down to seeing pixels to be used in a video game. My co-project manager was too afraid of insulting the artist by telling them of this fact, so when we did it, it insulted her even more, because we knew beforehand. That brings us to the last skill: honesty and realism. The project manager needs to know what they want the project to be and make sure everyone is moving in the right direction. If one person is going in the wrong direction, the entire project will be held up.

Overall, the project manager has an extremely tough job and it should never be taken lightly. My co-project manager wound up taking a lot of time off from work because of how much stress it caused him to monitor those eight people for almost a year. It's extremely stressful, but also the most rewarding when the project finally gets completed.

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Project management is an extremely large undertaking that involves managing personalities, egos, timelines, and tasks. As the post mentions, each person involved in a project impacts the success of the group, not only in the final work outcome but also in the ease of getting the work completed. If a member of the group is negative, negligent, or sloppy in ...

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