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    Project Management

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    Analyze a change you experienced that was initiated by a disruptive force. Describe the disruptive force and the organization's response to meet the challenge. Address the following questions:

    1. In what way did the organization use or not use systems thinking to response to this challenge?
    2. Was the organization's response successful or not?
    3. Considering this experience, what is your personal learning regarding systems thinking?

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    1. In what way did the organization use or not use systems thinking to response to this challenge?

    When I was in management at Progressive Home Health and Hospice as a Bereavement Counselor, I was there for a short time and would have lasted longer if my recommendations were considered and used to make the company effective in meeting others needs in a better manner. The first week of work consisted of me putting together an action plan and a brochure for the company; however, during the second week the CEO was horrendously mean. She wanted me to go out and market and did not think I was capable of doing the job. I told her what we came up with as a team for getting the word out. I had issues with the fact that the brochures and signs were all black and white. They were not colorful and appealing. I confronted her about how she treated me, and she did not care to hear it because of her power within the organization. Her remarks were that she can do whatever she wants and that my words mean nothing to her. I broke down crying as a result each time I talked to her. She did not use systems ...

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    This solution discussed what ways the organization used or did not use systems thinking and if it was successful as well as one's personal experience about it.