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    Risk Management: Questionnaires and Surveys

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    Questionnaires and Surveys are well established techniques for assessing project risk. Write a paper explaining why a company should use these techniques to manage risk throughout a project. Please provide an example of a questionnaire and a survey that you might use for a hypothetical project.

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    Questionnaires and surveys are field research. This form of research is called empirical or field research. This is defined as research that is based on experimentation or observation, i.e. Evidence. Such research is often conducted to answer a specific question or to test a hypothesis (educated guess).

    Overview: Objectives of the Research Process:

    - Capture contextual data and complexity
    - Learn from the collective experience of the field
    - Identify, explore, confirm & advance theoretical concepts
    - Enhance educational design

    Aims of the Empirical Research Process:

    - Move research beyond simple 'reporting of observations'
    - Foster environments for enhanced understanding
    - Combine rigorous research with thorough case study
    - Relevance of theory is proved by ability to work in a real world environment (context)

    Why use Empirical Research Methods:

    - Tradition and assumed knowledge (i.e. superstition) have been relied upon for too long
    - Integrate research and practice
    - Instructional science (i.e. the education process) needs to progress.

    How you benefit from empirical research methodology:

    - Integrate professional knowledge with empirical data to inform instructional developmental decisions
    - Teaching methods AND student learning are backed by quality data and educational ...

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    This solution discusses questionnaires and surveys as potential risk management tools.