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How have the projects you have been involved in ended?

1) How have the projects you have been involved in been concluded?
2) What do you feel is the proper length of time for a project?
(Please explain why you choose your answer)
3) What is your perception of what upper management does when they find out why a project failed?
4) Do you think you could be a project manager? (Please explain your answer)

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1. Usually the work is completed so the project ends. For instance, if our job was the plan the events for the Roundtable for the upcoming year, we would meet, arrange, draft a schedule, get it approved, hire the speakers and so forth. Then, once this was all complete, we would turn the details over to the conference coordinator who would make the conference handouts and handle the registration and attendance process.

2. The length of time depends on the reason for the project, but usually less than a year. It is hard to get folks to commit for more than a year at a time! Some projects take a few meetings and they are concluded. With the ...

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