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Conflict in projects

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Lets say that Your company's IT department experiences a great deal of conflict in connection with its projects. There is a constant tension between finding new resources for important new projects and maintaining support resources to meet the operational needs of the existing systems.

Can you discuss the following:
•How can your company meet the challenge of organizing projects within such an environment?
•What can your company tell its project teams about the nature of conflict, including how to avoid it, how to recognize it, and how to resolve it?

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How can your company meet the challenge of organizing projects within such an environment?

The first thing the company needs is to develop an organizational strategic plan. This plan would include the needs, the focus, and the expected returns on projects they will do that meets the needs of the vision. From this, every project should be planned before starting or accepting. This includes the use of the resources in the company and any expected needs for more resources. The plan would include budgets and the best estimate of needed resources. ...

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Answering the question of how an atmosphere of project conflict can be mitigated and used.

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