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Managing Risks in Project Management

Risk is often described as the event that "might" happen during the course of a project. Explain how risk has impacted a project that you have been associated with as a team member or project leader. Provide at least two examples where surprise events impacted the project, and how the issue was resolved. Comment on the importance of risk to the overall schedule, and if there were any lessons learned in terms of identifying the risk in the future. You may use a home improvement project or charity project as an example.

I have not been a project manager and have never run into such a situation. I have not worked on home improvements as I am a mom and I do not do any charity projects. Just need some direction as an example on what I can use. Thanks!

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Risk management is a high priority for corporations and individuals alike. Preparing for the unexpected and implementing policies and procedures, as well as, reporting requirements is part of the Risk Management departments role and responsibility. Any data collected is utilized to improve operations, enhance safety and decrease liabilities.

Currently, my clinic is working on a project to increase access for patients. Just to give you a little background-We are a not for profit, county funded hospital system. Our services are available to low income, uninsured and under insured individuals residing within the county. So you can imagine that the demand for service in all areas is high.

With reference to the project we are working on, our templates or schedules are being modified to allow more flexibility. It's more smoke and mirrors than anything. The new ...