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    Return on investment in $100,000 sunroom addition to house

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    Jack and Diane have different ideas about investing in their house. Diane wants to build a sunroom addition, but Jack is frugal and wants to switch to an accelerated mortgage payment to save on interest. They call Paulson & Sons, a contracting firm, specializing in home renovations and additions, for a consultation. After some wrangling amongst themselves, Jack and Diane agree to put the issue to Mr. Paulson - they tell the contractor that for the amount they're prepared to spend, $100,000.00, if he can build an addition which can yield at least a 125% return on their investment, they will proceed with Diane's preference, the addition.

    I anticipate the following tasks will be involved:

    1) Permit
    2) Demolition
    3) Framing
    4) Electrical
    5) Drywall, plastering
    6) Flooring
    7) Windows
    8) Paint and wallpaper
    9) Window covering
    10) Final permit inspection

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