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Teamwork, Who Gets the Project, & Kinkos Case Studies

I need help with quite a few questions and have scanned in the problems from my book.



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1. The team is not effective! Although all within the group understand why it exists, the team members do not have shared goals. Only John and Shaun care about getting A's, Brigitte and Aliyah are happy with B's, and the other two have different career paths. The group appears not to have support for nor set up procedures for making decisions. The group does not communicate well; they are rarely all together to do so! Although some team members have helped each other by taking over Craig's work, the help is not reciprocal. The group does not deal with conflict. It avoids dealing with it. The group has diagnosed individual and group processes, in part, through John and Shaun's efforts, but this has not been used to improve their own or the group's functioning.

2. This team could be categorized as a problem solving team, in that the group is comprised of equals who are sharing the work (theoretically) but have little responsibility. Overall I would categorize it as a dysfunctional team. In some parts it is a cross functional team in that the team only works together to solve this project, and team members are supposedly pooling their resources to complete the project.

3. The dysfunctions of the team are many but one of the primary problems is free riding. Craig is not an active member, and to leave Shaun and John to do the work at the last minute is wrong. In addition, there is an absence of trust: Craig didn't show up for the meeting, Brigitte and Aliyah had not completed their assignments and not with quality work. Furthermore, there is a difference in the level of commitment to the group, little coordination, very little interaction, and overall disinterest on several team members' part. On the night of the meeting Craig did ...

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