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TeamWork in Project Management

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You are the project manager on a major project.

You have a team member -Pete - who always does his assignments on time and always of the highest quality. His code is well constructed and well tested.

A few others on the team have come to you and mentioned that Pete doesn't always "play nice" and that they are not getting an opportunity to learn from him.

What do you do?

With your answer, explain your assumptions with your answer.

The scenario suggests that there is a communication problem and some fairness concerns from several members. It is the responsibility of the Team Project manager to ensure that all associates on the team know the goals, guidelines and instructions in order to complete the project. There is the concern that Pete may not understand how his particular section of the project fits in with the project and may feel that he does not need to consult other team members or share ideas to create a better project experience for the entire team.

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There are many aspects to a team of workers. As a project manager it is important that all members of the team communicate in a clear and concise manner. It is important that information be shared when it is directly related to an individual and team performance.
As a project manager:

? The Project Manager must exhibit the behavior as a team player. A good leader will be a part of the team in order to see that the entire goals of the team and company are met.
? The Project Manager must know the project himself and have plans laid out for the team to start. This will require knowing his team's strengths and weaknesses.
? The Project manager must also allow for the team members' input on how the job should be done.
? Insure that everyone knows that the project is to be done as a team and that everyone can learn from each other.
? Another thing would be to insure that all members know their role in the team and how each part fits into the project.
It seems as if there may be a communication problem between Pete and several of the other team mates. I am assuming that all of their roles may or may not be similar.

The emphasis should be on sharing information so that each member feels that they are an integral part of the entire project.

When one member of the team is not sharing information, this causes dissension among the team. A good way to ...

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This assignment covers methods and suggestions to diffuse a problem concerning teamwork project with outliers. The outlier happens to be a member of the team who is not willing to share and allow others to learn from him.