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    Projects' success characteristics features

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    What common or characteristic features do you think make a project unsuccessful?

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    Reasons why Software Projects Fail

    16.2% were "project successful"
    (software projects completed on-time and on-budget among
    American companies and governments)
    52.7% were "project challenged"
    (completed and operational but over-budget, over the time estimate,
    and offers fewer features and functions than originally scheduled)
    31.1% were "project impaired" (canceled)

    Linked Elements in IT Projects
    Time / Budget

    Software projects are inherently complex, risky and require careful planning. Planning software development, estimates, staged development, requirements capture, and risk and change management control procedures, business case studies, user interface prototypes and overall project control. Inadequate capturing of customer requirements form one of the most common reasons for project failure.
    Theare are may reasons why a project failed the following long list gives every thing in detail.
    1 Lack of User Inputs /Insufficient User Involvement
    2 Incomplete Requirements & Specifications:
    3 Changing Requirements & Specifications:
    4 Lack of Executive Support/ Absence/limited Executive Sponsorship
    5 Technology Incompetence: or became absolute.
    6 Lack of Resources
    7 Unrealistic Expectations
    8 Unclear Objectives
    9 Unrealistic Time Frames
    10 New Technology
    11 Other resons
    12. Expectations Mismatch

    13. Poor Communication

    14. Under-Skilled Project Managers

    15 Inadequate Planning

    16. Failure to Measure and Monitor Progress

    17. Over-dependence On One Vendor

    18. Inappropriate Technology

    10 Functional: system does not perform needed tasks (correctly)
    Users resist new system
    Management resists new system
    Cost overrun
    Technical problems: system does not work

    Unrealistic Schedules
    You might think that pushing for an aggressive schedule would accelerate the work, but it actually delays it.
    When faced with an unrealistic schedule, engineering teams often behave irrationally. They race through the requirements, produce a superficial design and rush ...

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    What common or characteristic features do you think make a project unsuccessful?