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Six Sigma - Insurance company

Identify one of the goals of Six Sigma and provide an example of a project you have been involved with where the method could have helped the project outcome. Comment if your organization uses Six Sigma and, if so, the influence it has had on the results of projects and the overall business

I work for a large insurance company 2 sources 250 words

In the traditional view of Six Sigma, projects fall into two categories: manufacturing and transactional. Each category of Six Sigma is multifaceted and includes a management strategy, metric, and process improvement methodology. This is shown below in Figure 13-1. Manufacturing Six Sigma processes utilize machines to produce products, whereas transactional Six Sigma processes utilize people and/or computers to produce services. The process improvement methodology facet of Six Sigma addresses both categories. The only difference is what tools you will use. In manufacturing, where we utilize repetitive processes that make products, we are more likely to use advanced statistical tools. In transactional Six Sigma, we might focus more on graphical analysis and creative tools/ techniques.

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I don't work for the insurance industry however, I took a stab at a potential example project within that field based on my exposure to the industry as well as creating a general enough project to demonstrate the Six Sigma goal used to improve it. I also called out the transactional nature of the project. I hope this is what you need.

Six Sigma has many goals and includes aspects such as: (Aveta Business Institute, 2013).
• Quality control
• Total quality management
• Zero defects
• Reducing variability in business and manufacturing processes
• Continuous improvement

An example project in the insurance industry lies with that of learning a new business process for selling a new product. For example, a widely known insurance product just releases new coverage that is applicable to a wider range of individuals however; those individuals must meet certain criteria before the product/coverage can be offered to them. Everyone in the insurance company that serves customers first need to be trained on the new product as well as the screening ...

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