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Six Sigma Advantages and Disadvantages

1. A number of control methods are used by modern organizations. Choose one of these that is used by your current organization, or an organization with which you are familiar. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the particular model or method you chose?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Six Sigma? Would you implement it in your organization? Why or why not?

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1. There are many different control techniques that an organization uses. The reason that organizations use these techniques is because they help provide their managers different ways that they can measure, and also monitor, their organization's performance. It is important to note that organizations will always try to tailor a technique to meet their specific needs or the way the company operates. It doesn't matter which control processes are used in a company; it's just important to know that they really help companies know whether or not they are able to achieve their company's goals. The technique that my organization successfully uses is financial controls.

Financial Controls: An organization will put financial controls in place once they have put their strategies in place. Strategies are put in place to reach companies' financial goals. As an organization spends money, financial statements are updated to reflect how money was spent and also how it was obtained. This is why, at our IT support company, we use our financial statements to help provide our management the information that can help them monitor our company's financial resources and activities. We also use income statements so we can show that our organization has operated over a specific period of time. Our company does income statements quarterly so it can show our quarterly revenues, expenses, and it will also show us whether or not we have made a profit or a loss. This is why we have balance sheets that we maintain on a daily basis because our balance sheet will let us know what our assets are worth at any single point in time and how we actually financed those assets. Did we finance them ...

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The advantages and disadvantages of six sigma are determined. Which particular model or method should be used is determined.