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Project Management

integration of standardization and simplification in developing new products

1. From your research, discuss the procedures/processes contributing to the integration of standardization and simplification in developing new products? 2. What is the role of purchasing and supply management professionals in the facilitation of these procedures/processes? How can the use of cross-functional teams benef

Work Breakdown structure and Critical Path Management

Using the figure in the attachment, answer the following questions: a. What is the critical path? b. What is the expected activity duration? c. How much slack is available in the noncritical path? d. Upon changing to a late-finish schedule, what would be the new duration? e. Reconfigure the network as a critical chain ne

Project Management Plan Development

Being the project manager for the organization, and have been asked to develop the overall Project Management Plan that will be used to implement a change to current processes and methodologies. Assigned a point of contact (POC) within the enterprise's program management office. Provide the POC with an overview of the project fo

Organizational Development, Transformation, and Culture

Help with two homework questions. Be very detail...NO web base....APA format...complete sentences with 20 sentences for each question so I understand. Include references 1. Compare and contrast OD and Organization transformation. How are they similar or dissimilar? 2. Suppose you receive a new job offer. What cultural f

Creating network diagram, compute critical path, expected completion time

Need all work shown, please see file for details. 1. The following information has been gathered for a project a. Draw a network diagram b. Calculate the slack for each activity and determine the critical path. How long will the project take. Activity Activity Time (Weeks) Immediate Predecessor A 4 - B 7 A C 9 B D 3

3M Optical Systems Case Study

Use the following Questions for your Case Assignment: MGT 2313 Principles of Management 3M Optical Systems Case Study Harvard Business School 5-398-094 You are taking two different roles in this case study: Andy Wong and Paul Guehler. You are tasked with evaluating the business decision on whether to proceed with a new pro

Project formal communications plan

Communication is vital not only for teams and organizations but especially for leaders and managers. lets say that your company has begun to appreciate the role that communication plays and has asked you to write a report. They are interested in providing project teams with a set of guidelines for the construction and mainten

Leadership, Management, and Communication of Technical Projects

Lets say that your company wants to develop special leadership-oriented resources for project managers in its new project management office. This is a complex topic due to a wide variety of recognized, mainstream styles of leadership combined with different team situations across projects and within the same project from stage t

The Importance of Cross Functional Teams in Organizations

1. From your research and experience, please indicate the role of cross-functional teaming (intra- and inter-organizational) in purchasing and supply management. 2. Are integrated product teams any different in composition and intent relative to product development teams?

Terminating a Failed Project

Go to a search engine on the internet and enter the term project failure or project disaster. Select one example and develop an analysis of the project. Was it terminated or not? If not why in your opinion, was it allowed to continue.

Accounting Assistance

Please address the following scenario. Scenario: Dolan Company is in the business of making custom computers and these computers are extensively tested to ensure they function before they are shipped to the customer. Considering this extensive testing process, some do not believe the company will have anything to gain from b

Eagle Manufacturing Company

Produce an analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the Eagle Mfg. Co. case (pp. 49-50). Mandatory Format for Case Analysis, "typed" in Microsoft Word, please see the two attached documents. MANDATORY OUTLINE FOR CASE ANALYSIS Note: Structure your analysis, use headings and subheadings, do not write an essay. Case Name:

Project Risk and Project Quality Management

1. Application: Foreign Exchange Rates A foreign exchange rate is the rate at which one currency can be exchanged or converted to another. Due to rate fluctuations, foreign exchange rates greatly impact financial reporting for companies operating and trading internationally. Depending on a company's home country, when accountin

Project Profiling

Project Profiling Profiling projects provides additional information that allows project managers and key stakeholders to better understand the unique aspects of the project and therefore better plan the project. Project profiling is a relatively new practice in project management but profiling models are emerging in the lite

project schedule

Draft a project schedule and budget schedule for a factory building extension?


Must use at least textbook (Brown, K. A., & Hyer, N. L. (2010). Managing projects: A team-based approach. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin) as a source material for each response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. 1. What are the vari

Leadership, Management, and Communication of Technical Projects

You work as a project manager for the IT department at your company, a supplier of customized management software packages for the oil industry. Your company is in the process of a big expansion, and the IT department will assume project management responsibility for supporting this growth. While the company does IT projects for

Effective Project Management Focus

Create a PowerPoint Presentation that discusses the project management process with a focus on effectiveness and ways teams can prevent some of the pitfalls to a project. Here is an outline of items you should address: • The purpose of a project proposal • The project scope document • The importance of estimating cost

Job Enrichment, Small Groups, & Self Managed Teams

Complete sentences with 20 sentences for each question. Be very detailed, NO web base and in APA format. 1. Job Enrichment can be considered as an effective motivational approach. Discuss for or against this statement. 2. Classroom group projects teams are like self-managed teams? Discuss for or against this statement 3. D

Crisis situation for project manager

Project Planning, Execution & Closure-DB1 Scenario: You are a project manager for Advancement Corporation, which specializes in providing quality pharmaceuticals to doctors throughout the United States. The company has over 20,000 employees. It is critical that skilled scientists and technicians be hired to ensure the proper

Being an Effective Project Manager

Project Management Topic chosen: Being an effective project manager) 1. Relate it to an experience you have had in the workplace. The objective is to show how one can apply a topic from the course to a real world situation. 2. Project Parameters: • Provide examples as they pertain to your topic. • Limit them to no

Project Mgmt. Acct.

Application Assignment: Southern Care Hospital There are various options for organizing a project. Selecting the organizational structure for your project can be an important step in organizing for success. In your readings, you explored the advantages and disadvantages of various organizational structures. In this Application

Finance: Project Financing

In the fall of 2009 Pearson Electronics, which manufactures printed circuit board used in a wide variety of applications ranging from automobiles to washing machines, was considering whether or not to invest in two major projects. The first was a new fabricating plant in Omaha, Nebraska, which would replace a smaller operation i

Project Valuation

Steve's Sub Shop (Steve's) is considering investing in toaster ovens for each of its 120 stores located in the Southwestern United States. The high capacity conveyor toaster ovens, manufactured by Lincoln, will require an initial investment of $15,000 per store plus $1,500 in installation costs for a total investment of $1,860,0

Project Management: Issues

Project managers invest significant time during the initial stages of a project to determine how they will manage the project. What could go wrong, and how they will manage events that are likely to create problems for the project? For example, a project manager assigned to build a copper mine in Argentina with the client in

NPV of international project

A U.S. company is considering a project in Mexico. Estimated cash flows are 10 million Mexican pesos the first year and $20 million Mexican pesos the second year. The U.S. company would incur a cost of $2 million at the start of the project, and its cost of capital is 12%. The expected spot rate is $0.13 for Year 1 and $0.11 for

Barriers and Challenges Surrounding Project Management Communication

For this activity, you are going to create a minimum 10-slide PowerPoint Presentation on the barriers and challenges surrounding project management communication. You should act as though you are presenting this in a business professional environment to people who are new to project management. Within the presentation, you shoul

Quick Orientation of New Members to a Project

Among many other responsibilities, project managers must ensure that project team members are properly trained and oriented for their responsibilities on the project. Project team members are often selected for their experience or expertise in an area related to the project. If an operational process will change as a result of t

Project Management Q&A

1. Select a project with which you have been involved. If you have no experience working on a project, select any project on which you can conduct research. What was the project? Briefly explain whether or not the project was successful. What factors contributed to how well the project worked or how it did not work? 2. Descr