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Risk Avoidance

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Can you explain risk avoidance in you own words?

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Risk avoidance is a way of removing any known or expected elements of something, changing or alternating processes or functions, or creating new ways of doing something to remove the possibility of ...

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This solution provides a brief explanation of risk avoidance by defining it and giving real-life examples.

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Risk Avoidance and Risk Retention

a. Discuss how risk avoidance might prove advantageous in your company or one with which you are familiar.

b. How do the concepts of risk retention and risk transfer apply to your company or one with which you are familiar.

c. Congratulations! You have just been promoted to the position of Supervisor of Risk Management for your department or one with which you are familiar. discuss 2 or 3 things you would do (include why you would do those things).

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