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    Quality Management and Operation Management

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    Question 2-52. Develop a fishbone diagram for the possible cause of your car not starting.

    Problem 2.5 The Omega Show Company manufactures a number of different styles of athletic shoes. Its biggest seller is the X-Pacer running show. In 2008 Omega implemented a quality-management program. The company's show production for the past three years and manufacturing costs are as follows.

    (see attached file for data).

    Only one-quarter of the defective shoes can be reworked, at a cost of $2 apiece. Compute the manufacturing cost per per good product for each of the three years and indicate the annual percentage increase or decrease resulting from the quality-management program.

    Program 2-6. The Colonial House Furniture Company manufactures four-drawer oak filling cabinets in six stages. In the first stage, the boards forming the walls of the cabinet are cut. In the second stage, the front drawer panels are woodworked. In the third stage, the boards are sanded and finished. In the fourth stage, the boards are cleaned, stained, and painted with a clear finish. In the fifth stage, the hardware for pulls, runners, and fittings is installed, and in the final stage, the cabinets are assembled. Inspection occurs at each stage of the process, and the average percentages of good-quality units are as follows (see data in attached file).

    The cabinets are produced in a weekly production runs with a product input of 300 units.
    a) Determine the weekly product yield of good-quality cabinets.
    b) What would weekly product input have to be in order to achieve a final weekly product yield of 300 cabinets.

    Problem 3. Go to BusinessBalls.com. Under "quality process improvement tools and techniques" and review all of the tools and techniques for process evaluation and improvement. Select one tool or technique and discuss how you would use it to analyze and improve a manufacturing or service process. In your current job or in another application. Provide a specific examples from your current or previous work experience.

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