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    Being an Effective Project Manager

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    Project Management

    Topic chosen: Being an effective project manager)
    1. Relate it to an experience you have had in the workplace. The objective is to show how one can apply a topic from the course to a real world situation.
    2. Project Parameters:
    • Provide examples as they pertain to your topic.
    • Limit them to no more than three, and be sure they relate to the topic.

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    Given the high rate of failure of projects, it is important for companies to ensure that effective project management techniques are used throughout project lifecycle. There are many phases of managing a project, which I have imbibed and utilized during the course of managing one of the critical projects for the organization I work for.

    The organization had been using traditional software to manage its day-to-day operational requirements. It worked fine till the scale was small and there were few employees. However, organizational landscape changed and product line expanded. As a result of expansion, more skills were required, for which new employees were hired. To accommodate these employees, new offices were opened. It was then that the organization started facing challenges of keeping up with all the information. There were delays in processes because of unavailability of required information, as a result of which productivity started suffering. So, technical analysis was performed which suggested that the old software could not keep pace with growing organization. A new, comprehensive software system was recommended.

    Since I had previous experience of technology projects and had led several projects within the organization, I was designated as the project manager of software implementation project.
    The timeline of the project was six months; which was less than what one would expect. I had team that comprised of people with varied skills; something which was rare in the organization. But since the project was so critical, resources were not a constraint.
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