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Eagle Manufacturing Company

Produce an analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the Eagle Mfg. Co. case (pp. 49-50). Mandatory Format for Case Analysis, "typed" in Microsoft Word, please see the two attached documents.


Note: Structure your analysis, use headings and subheadings, do not write an essay.
Case Name:

I. Major Facts
State here the major facts as you see them. Make statements clear and concise for your own understanding as well as for the understanding of the other students and the instructor.

II. Major Problem
State here the major problem as you see it. Emphasize the present major problem. You may wish to phrase your statement in the form of a question. In a few cases, there may be more than one major problem. A good problem statement will be concise, usually only one sentence.

III. Possible Solutions/Alternatives

A. List here the possible solutions to the major problem. Let your imagination come up with alternative ways to solve the problem.

B. Do not limit yourself to only one or two possible solutions. These solutions should be distinct from each other.

C. However, you may wish to include portions of one solution in another solution, as long as each solution stands alone. Only in this manner will your subsequent choice be definitive.

D. Briefly note advantages and disadvantages of each possible solution, etc.

IV. Choice and Rationale
State here your choice, A or B or ___ and the detailed reasons for your choice. You may also state your reasons for not choosing the other alterative solutions.

V. Implementation/The Action Plan
Who does what, where, how, when, etc.


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Major Facts

The head of supply chain department is facing a plethora of problems within Eagle Manufacturing. The position has no authority and there are unreasonable expectations from other department heads. There is improper communication between departments which leads to problems in the organization and low morale of employees.

There are many problems facing Eagle Manufacturing Company.

 The main problem is that Ted, as the head of supply management is in a position where he has all responsibilities but no power to negotiate and gets maneuvered by other ...

Solution Summary

Eagle manufacturing company is facing many problems, especially after Ted was made the head of supply department.