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    Quantitative Analysis: PERT/CPM Case Study

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    For an organization, the following project schedule is given.Assume that all times are in days.

    Task Predecessor Normal Time Crash Time Crash cost Slope

    A NONE 7 7 NA

    B A 3 3 NA

    C A 8 4 600

    D A 4 4 NA

    E B 6 5 600

    F C, D 2 2 NA

    G E, F 6 6 NA

    H F 5 3 400

    I G, H 4 4 NA

    J I 2 2 NA

    In a 3 to 4 page Microsoft Word document, address the following:

    Assume that the organization will receive a $400 bonus for each day the duration of the project is shortened. The organization is also responsible for paying the crash cost associated with shortening the schedule. To maximize the net profit, identify which task you should crash and by how much.

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