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Cost of Poor Quality in the UH-60 program

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Please prepare a short thesis statement and sentence outline on the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) in the UH-60 program. Focus on specific areas in the COPQ. How is this UH-60 COPQ measured? What can the government do about the issue?

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Thesis Statement:

Army material command should develop full visibility of emerging quality problems and estimate the true cost of poor quality by looking at total system costs in the UH-60 program.
Currently, Army organizations that are responsible for measuring the UH-60 COPQ focus on the Product Quality Deficiency Reports. These reports focus on manufacturing issues while other issues such a maintenance practices, part design flaws and training gaps are not addressed. Presently the army physically examines the logbook narratives to identify parts that are being affected by these types of quality issues. Currently, Product Quality Deficiency Reports are classified according to their level of severity. There are category I and category II Product Quality Deficiency Reports. Category I reports show deficiencies that severe and may lead to death, injury, major damage to a system or severely restrict combat readiness capability. Category II include all deficiencies that are not in Category I. There is a screening point that validates the Product Quality Deficiency Report, and if valid enters the report into the Product Quality Deficiency Report data system and forwards it to action point. If the report is category I, the screening point has 24 hours and if severe it can lead to grounding or other severe restrictions. if the report is category II, ...

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