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Information technology and projects

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I think projects do have some characteristics that are not shared by day to day work (non-project). When it comes to projects they are more complex and have many more moving parts to wrangle. If I had to sum it all up in a nutshell it would probably revolve around complexity and frequency. Granted frequency may make an eyebrow raise but I say it because no matter how many times a similar IT project is undertaken there is always a few facets that make it unique from all others and will tend to throw a kink in the hose so to say. Complexity due the fact that it's not called the World Wide Web because it fits in your back yard. The complexity of IT projects can be mind-numbing in scope and distance. I currently cover over 12 million miles and 14 time zones for projects. Even though the goal is to make all facilities the same with standardized equipment and services - frequency and complexity vary on all projects - I can easily and honestly say no two have been the same. Things like software deployment, supply management and touch maintenance I would not categorize as project worthy as they are just that day to day grind. Even though sometimes all three of these things can also be very complicated and time consuming also they generally tend to be standardized and function based and redundant in nature vs. project worthy events.

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Projects require extensive teamwork, cooperation, coordination, and planning. This differs from normal day-to-day work as projects are ...

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Project management and information technology characteristics are examined.